Print Tracker 5

Software designed to track & control print usage

Download Trial Version

The Trial Version allows you to evaluate Print Tracker with restrictions on days monitored and report date ranges. You should make sure that the software works properly on your system, and that it meets with your needs.

To download your evaluation copy click on the download link below:

System Requirements:

  • Minimum requirements of the respective operating systems are sufficient for operation.
  • Operating Systems PrintTracker 5 will function in:
  • Windows NT Workstation/Server 4.0 SP6
  • Windows 2000 Pro/Advanced Server (SP3 or Higher Recommended)
  • Windows XP Home/Pro

Clients can be any combination of NT Workstation/Server 3.51, NT Workstation/Server 4.0, Windows 2000, and other operating systems that send print information to the print server.

Note: Windows 95/98 clients do not send accurate page count information and are approximated via their byte counts.

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