Saves Money

There are a several ways in which you may find your organization will save money:

  • The obvious cost associated with paper & printer(toner) supplies
  • Maintenance, Repair, and Replacement costs of printers
  • Power consumption reduced
  • Employees will make fewer trips to printer as they begin utilizing Print Preview more rigorously

Print Logging can reduce the number of print jobs printed in your organization :

Recently a college campus department in California began logging all their print jobs and the number of pages printed went from 35600 pages per month down to 25100 pages per month with other departments remaining unchanged in printer usage. The department did have a 7% reduction in staff during the period, but the 30% reduction in paper usage was definitely considered a success. In paper cost alone they estimate they are saving close to $260.00/month.

Once you factor in power saved, maintenance/repair of printers, toner cartridges, and replacement of worn-out laser printers this amount is substantially increased.

This can also help your IS department which usually absorbs many of the printing costs, and can be placed where the costs actually belong, in each department. Which will of course in turn cause the department to be more responsible about their print usage.