Tracking and Auditing

Gain control over your organizations print usage

  • Audit each department in your organization to compare print usage between the different departments.
  • Track their progress from the previous month or same month last year.
  • Use detail reports to find out the document titles of the print jobs sent to the printer
  • Create special groups for auditing purposes, or use the included groups which use domain global groups for easy report generation.
  • Set up printers in both high-quality and econo-mode and track the usage of the same printer in both modes. Give incentives or recognition to those who print to the econo-mode printer.
  • Track each printer separately and charge back more for certain printers (ie large printers and color printers)
  • It's good to track print usage for at least a month before letting your users know, so you can see the effectiveness of simply letting them know you are tracking their usage, or of charging each department back for each page printed.